La empresa

HONINGTEG, S.A. was founded in 1978 as a company dedicated to honing machine construction and manufacture. At present we are also specializing in the production of honing tools and the manufacture of honing stones. We offer technical assistance to all our clients as well as the solutions concerned with the honing problems.

Since 1993 a new company ASINSA dedicated exclusively to the production of all types of diamond and cubical boron nitride grinding wheels, has been incorporated within the organisation of the HONINGTEC group.

MOLDES Y LAPEADOS also belongs to the company group where the machine beds and other pieces such as moulds are mechanized, used in the premanufacture of concrete.

This integration has enabled us to cover a considerably wider market.

Nowadays our manufacture, on a whole, is based in the automotion sector and large metallurgy industries. Our flexibility in the production system allows us to be able to povide a high quality service to our clients and a quick and efficient answer to all their demands.

This has enabled us a high integration rate both in the home and international markets, having a wide range of clients spread world wide. This is our main quality guarantee for our products.

Our company instalations occupy 3.500 m2 of distribution space in different centres both of work and production. Firstly we have the main factory which is situated in Hostalets de Balenyà and is assigned to the machine and honning manufacture as well as its installation. And secondly we have another plant located in Centelles and assigned exclusively to the manufacture of abrasive materials.

We feel secure thanks to a great deal of experience in this field over many years of dedication and delivery, through which we have always met the different needs of our clients.

We take great care in the training of our experts in order to be able to provide a higher rate of satisfaction to our clients. This is the reason for which we have available a technical and human team of experts who constantly carry out research and development tasks of our products, as well as those of new and more advanced technologies.

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