The Honingtec honing tools are specially prepared to work quickly and efficiently in the most adverse working conditions, obtaining results of high quality. 

The most important cases for using our honing machines are the following:


-Repair of any type of production equipment at the same working place and with the least possible time.
-Repair of hydraulical cylinders.
-Ball-bearings grinding.
-Compressors, motors and pumps grinding .
-Hole alignment
-Repair of hydraulic valves.
-Correction of errors in defective parts.


  We have a wide range of honing machines available, attachable to any type and model of machine, with the purpose of being able to offer our clients one of the best services on the market.
  Under order, we can  manufacture any type of honing machine of special design or even  according to plans presented by the client.
  There are also available different types of honing machines attachable to horizontal machines, as well as being adaptable to vertical machines with or without an expansion device.
  Our honing machines are specially suitable for honing any type of connecting rods, motorcycle, automobile and lorry cylinders, compressors, gearing, brake pumps, bi-metalic jackets for plastic extrusion mills, etc.