For many years now, honing has been essential as a finishing operation for many pieces in order to achieve perfect fits, improved performance, etc.

Although good honing is achieved through a sound approach, a good machine and good tools, almost more important is a good abrasive which is suited to the material to be worked upon.

The wide range of abrasives available in both vitrified and resin-bonded forms, along with specialization and long honing experience, permits us to achieve optimum solutions for most materials currently worked in industry.

It is possible to manufacture honing stones for honing of any type of material. As standard manufacture we have honing stones of the following materials:

- Silicon carbide (of different varieties)
- Aluminium Oxide (of different varieties)
- Diamond

- Cubical boron nitride


All these materials can be combined with different types of sand-papers:
Metalic, Ceramic, Resin

  With these different possibilities and by a process of production specific for each type of honing, it is possible to achieve the best results.